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12/12/17 Releases

We'll be delivering a bunch of beer this week.  We're excited to report that we will be making a delivery to Atkins Farm in Amherst this week for the first time and we are pumped to add them to our list of retail partners. 

New this week:

 Whiskey Barrel Imperial Stout

This 10.5% stout was aged in Whiskey barrels from Sons of Liberty in Kingston RI, and then lovingly bottle conditioned for almost a year. Big, dark, and luscious with notes of vanilla, coconut, chocolate and more!  The whiskey character is mellow and blends well with the other flavors. 



Saison Louie

Our soft, refreshing, slightly malty and even more slightly tart little brother to Bombus is back out.  After a month of bottle conditioning, this beer is very ready to drink, but will develop nicely for at least another 6 months to a year. 

Table Beer

This guy is still out there but there's not a ton left. Enjoy with friends and family around your Holiday table.

Bombus Impatiens

New batch of Bombus leaving the brewery this week.  We are aware that some bottles in the last batch were "gushers". This batch has not had any trouble and is presenting beautifully.  The funk and the tart are so tasty alongside the Saison flavors.



10/30 Releases

This week we will be releasing two new beers.  Table Saison is another light, easy drinking, dry and refreshing beer.  You might call it a session beer, if you're so inclined.  Designed to go well at the table and complement whatever gastronomic delight you have at hand.  

The next release in our Fresh Press Series is Peach Saison.  We added fresh local peaches to our workhorse Fresh Press Saison base for a secondary fermentation and love the results. Not sweet (none of our fruit beers are), but the essence of the peaches lives on the nose and in the taste.